Childrens Climbing Frame Range At Madfun


When looking for a childrens climbing frame online the options usually consist of a metal or wooden climbing frame such as those we have at Madfun. The range of wooden climbing frame consists of Action Climbing frames as well as Rebo range of climbing frame, all come with easy to follow instructions to assembly is straight forward although it is recommended to have one or more people to assist in the construction of these ideal outdoor wooden climbing frame activity centres.





A childrens climbing frame is a very large structure in general but you can find many that will fit in even the smallest garden with the option at Madfun to be able to construct your own childrens climbing frame from the range of action climbing frames we have at Madfun. Our experience of children climbing frames spans years with many happy customers coming back to us for additional childrens outdoor toys such as childrens wooden playhouses, trampolines and other items such as rideons and bouncy castles.


When putting together your childrens climbing frame it is best to clear the area even around spaces you do not think the structure will reach so no hazards are in the way when you assemble the climbing frame. All you will need is a simple set of screwdrivers and some time and good lightening so not ideal to put together late afternoon.


Please allow a couple of hours at least to put together your childrens climbing frame and make sure there is enough space between the edge of the frame and any surrounding walls or trees.