Wooden Climbing Frame Range At Madfun


The wooden climbing frame is an ideal activity centre for all the children in the back garden all year round but especially the summer. A wooden climbing frame offers an array of activities from swings, slides, towers, clatter bridges and more. Teenagers can use these climbing frame activity centres to use as hideaways when they feel they need space away from the indoors.




Before putting together the different parts of the climbing frame, make sure the area is as flat as possible.  The putting together of the wooden climbing frame can be completed in under two to three hours depending on how many people are assisting and if the light is good enough to see properly. For the assembling, instructions are provided in a well detailed way, but they are quite easy to follow. The structure of the wooden climbing frame should be erected on flat ground. This flat ground should be clear of rubbish, twigs, stones or any other items which could interfere with the assembly and structure when standing. It is best to setup the wooden climbing frame structure on a grassy area.


When a wooden climbing frame is placed in some garden, usually two or more people should assist in assembly, as they can ensure safety and easily build it wherever it is required to assemble.  Make sure you measure your garden even before you purchase a wooden climbing frame as well as measuring the space between the walls and where you intending the climbing frame to be positioned. This is extremely important if the wooden climbing frame you are purchasing contains a swing so will require sufficient space behind and in front so children do not get caught on anything in the direct vicinity.